Trend Offset Printing

The future is here! Expand your audience and create revenue growth with TrendMag

Trend Offset Printing has answered the call to help publishers increase their audience and grow revenue with the introduction of TrendMag, our state-of-the-art digital edition technology.

TrendMag seamlessly posts a high-quality, interactive version of your printed magazine on your web site while it is being printed. Now your print version and digital edition are available to your readers and advertisers at the same time! This one-stop solution saves you time and money. TrendMag gives publishers the opportunity to grow readership through on-line subscriptions and provides new revenue streams with advertising links and sponsorships.

TrendMag features the latest and greatest digital edition benefits, including full search capabilities, reader friendly navigation, and a variety of viewing and printing tools. Plus, you'll have the ability to include your Google Analytics programming code to your digital edition monthly traffic and engagement reports.

Let the experts at Trend Offset Printing show how TrendMag can work for you!

TrendMag is easy to implement and features reader-friendly navigation

Table of Contents Allows the reader to quickly access articles.
Zoom Point and click to zoom in on any portion of a page, and then click and drag to continue review of the page or spread.
Print Allows readers to print out the entire publication or just selected pages.
Search Readers can quickly search for an article using keywords for the current and even archived issues.
PDF Download Any digital edition can be saved as a PDF.
Thumbnails Shows readers a graphical representation of all the pages in an issue for easy navigation to a particular page.
Translation Translate any article into French, German, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian with just one click.
Audio & Video Allows publishers to make pages come alive.
Flipping Icon Placed on the publisher's web site to allow the viewer one-click access to their digital edition.
Digital Integrity Digital edition is generated from the same files the publisher has approved for the print edition.
Seamless Production Trend will automatically upload files for conversion as part of the print process. The publisher will be notified via E-mail when the digital edition is ready to approve and activate.
URL Hot Links Ads displayed on TrendMag have a hot link to the advertiser's website.